Each year, we organize an educational day dedicated to the plasticity of neuronal-glial-endothelial interactions in the post-natal brain, as part of the Master 2 Research “Biology-Health” of the Lille 2 university (http://master-biologie-sante.univ-lille.fr/). During this day, we introduce basic knowledge about how non-neuronal cells impact neuronal circuits in a pathophysiological context, we address and discuss latest scientific breakthroughs in the field and invite an expert scientist to present his work.


2014 Invited Speaker

Annette Koulakoff

"Astrocyte Connexions and Alzheimer's Disease: A Deleterious Effect?"



Centre Interdisciplinaire de Recherche en Biologie (CIRB)

CNRS UMR 7241 / INSERM U1050

Communication jonctionnelle et interactions entre réseaux neuronaux et gliaux

Collège de France

11 Place M. Berthelot

75005 Paris


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