Each year, we organise two teaching modules for the Master 2 Biological Health Research course at the University of Lille 2.

Each day includes courses by local speakers and the analysis of scientific articles where students participate in the form of an article presentation (articles are chosen among a proposed list) or by animating the scientific discussion. A conference will also be given by a guest speaker.


– Molecular and cellular regulation of neuronal networks: This thematic seminar day aims to present some of the key molecular (guidance molecules and hormones) and cellular (glial and endothelial cells) determinants of the development, maturation, activity and plasticity of neuronal circuits, both in physiological and pathological conditions.

Invited Speaker 2017: Anne-Cécile Boulay (CIRB, Collège de France, Paris) 

“Role of astrocytes at the gliovascular interface”

Friday Décembre 16 2017 at 11.00

Salle de réunion du bâtiment Biserte, JPARC



– Cancer stem cells: This thematic seminar will introduce the concept of cancer stem cell (discovery, isolation, caracterization, molecular control, heterogeneity, the concept of the niche) as well as the therapeutic issues that have emerged from this new model of cancer growth, from the hopes to the obstacles current research has to overcome to eventually eradicate this population of cells (resistance to treatments, phenotypic plasticity, role of the microenvironment).


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