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Trisomy 21: An Encouraging Treatment

Trisomy 21: A hormone opens up avenues of unprecedented treatment

Hormone therapy slows cognitive deterioration in adults with Down syndrome

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The embryonic human like you’ve never seen



The principal researches leading the project will be Vincent Prévot along with two collaborators; Prof. Markus Schwaninger, of the Insitut für experimentelle und klinische pharmakologie und toxikologie, University of Lübeck, Germany (centre) and Prof. Rubén Nogueiras, departamento de fisiología at the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Spain (right).

While we couldn’t find any links in the ‘fake news’ media, we’d like to rectify such an injustice and celebrate some of the recent achievements of one of our very own Post-Docs. Since completing her thesis, Konstantina has been storming through Europe like Genghis Khan in the early 13th Century, swashbuckling and collecting awards along the way. Starting the year off on the right foot, she picked up the prize from the galette de Rois before collecting a prize for the best international thesis complete with gameshow winning sized cheque! Quite a few months for the rising talent out of Athens, who when she’s not busy pushing fashion boundaries is busy doing some great science! Only time will tell what lies next in store but she’s definitely one to keep an eye on for the future… Yamas indeed(click for link)

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Young talent prize awarded to Nour El Houda Mimouni by the L’Oreal Foundation and UNESCO for Women and Science.

The nose, getaway to the Covid: what dangers in the neuronal development of the child? SDS 2021

Health challenge: “The VERTEXA project”



What if aging well depended on the gateway for hormones to the brain? Project WATCH for well-aging and the Tanycytyic control of health

Sensation of satiety: Chronicle of Thierry Lhermitte

Vincent Prevot presents his symposium “Hypothalamic tanycytes in metabolic regulation”